Nordic Wood Prints - Handcrafted In Singapore

Premium Photo Paper Mounted On Wood Panels 

We take a beautiful photographic print and mount it onto a 2cm-thick & raw dark-edged timber panel (strong enough to resist moisture and humidity). The wood prints are finished with a matte laminate for that extra protection and a beautiful soft finish.

The print comes with a clever routed groove on the back to allow easy wall hanging.

Our Wood Prints are remarkably affordable, and have been priced to allow you to sell as multi-image collections. Some of our pro-photographer clients have been remarkably creative with their layouts!

Credits: The Studio Loft Photography


  • Available in 6 popular sizes
  • Available with three edge-finishes (circle, rounded square, rounded rectangle)
  • Moisture resistant and long-lasting
  • 4 - 5 working days turnaround time
  • Beautiful rustic finish
  • 30 Year Guarantee



Credits: The Studio Loft

A few things to keep in mind with our Wood Prints:

  • We use timber with dark striations - we love the look but it is different from the light balsa look provided by other suppliers
  • The matte laminate used for mounting wood prints is beautiful but will change the colour of your images slightly. We are always happy to do test prints prior to your first order if you have any concerns.




These are perfect for wedding receptions, ROMs, engagements, beautiful memories, newborn, studio shoots, travel photography, momentos, brides & grooms, akad nikah, tea ceremonies, mehendi ceremonies, henna ceremonies, family photos, vacations, gifts, presents, holiday photos, corporate listings, corporate tokens, portfolios, farewell books, baby photography, personalised books and many more!

Credits: The Studio Loft Photography

Credits: The Infinity Collective


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to have the raw timber edge?
    We have specifically designed the wood print to feature this element. We are not able to provide a coloured border with wood prints.

  • How are the wood prints hung?
    We route a groove into the back of each wood print. This means that you can attach it to the wall using nails, screws, or flat-headed picture hooks.

  • Do I have to crop my image prior to uploading?
    Our easy online ordering system will allow you to choose the shape for your wood print. This means you can upload your images as per normal and crop them online. You can also proof the images during the ordering process.

  • Are your wood prints self-supporting?
    We do not recommend these as self-standing. However, we sell small lightweight easels (white) at $10 each if you prefer to have them on desktops and shelves.