Picture Framing

Custom Picture Frames For Your Prints - Handcrafted In Singapore


Picture Framing Styles

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Our picture framing service combines incredible turnaround time with completely customisable mat boards and frame sizing. We use high quality acid-free materials combined with archival fine art printing on cotton rag papers for long-lasting premium picture frames.


Our in-house printing allows for fast turnaround times.


We have deliberately kept things simple to make sure you can provide great products at an attractive price-point.
We are not a traditional framing shop (e.g. we offer only 4 colour moulds).


However, we do offer a range of customisations to create a unique look for your picture frames: float mounts, torn-edged prints, shadow box frames and multi-matted images.



Credits: Lexis Ow Photography

Credits: Peng Lim



  • Available in any size from a 11" x 14" print to 39" x 59" print
  • Acid-free mat boards and foam backing
  • A choice of high quality mouldings (Brown, Black, White, Pine)
  • Premium archival printing on US-made cotton rag papers (archival to 75+ years)
  • High quality finishing including double-washed glass and stainless steel hanging wire
  • 7 working day turnaround
  • 30 Year Guarantee


Have your prints 'set back' in our deep shadow frame for a different feel


Or choose to have your prints floated within the picture frame

Why should you get a Framed Picture?

Some pictures and photographs are special.

They deserve to be highlighted and made to last forever.
These moments in life make ideal candidates for framed prints.


We provide premium yet affordable picture framing services coupled with the best customer service.

Credits: The Infinity Collective


Imagine your wedding picture beautifully framed in classic black or white moulding with soft lighting.
Each sparkle in your eye captured in picture that will remain fresh for more than 75 years.
Your child’s first smile. Your prize-winning photograph. Your favourite holiday snap. Your family portrait.

Each of them can be brought to life for you to enjoy for a lifetime.
For this very reason, Framed Pictures also make unparalleled gifts for the people in your life.


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Rustic Series

Gold & Silver Series


What can be Framed?

Any digital image that can be printed can be framed. This includes photography, illustrations, drawings, original paintings or reproductions, word art. You design it and we will frame it.

We can also frame certain memorabilia!
Jerseys, bags, scarves, maps - chat with us to find out if we can frame your prized possessions :)



Framing Moulds & Mat Boards

Mat Boards (passe-partout) accompany the prints to further beautify the framed image.

Available in 4 varieties for 4 different looks or feels:
1) White + Black core
2) White + White core
3) Black + White core
4) Black + Black core

Fine Art Printing on Cotton Rag Papers

Our archival quality inks help create amazing prints

Our Fine Art Printing service is a superior way of displaying and protecting your images.
We offer museum-quality paper that are made in the United States and carry UK Fine Art Trade Guild Certification.


Standard paper is made using crushed wood pulp. This results in a product that is not archival due to the impurities in the pulp.
Fine art paper is normally much thicker and is made from archival cotton rag. This results in a product that will last 75-100 years.


Everyone claims their fine art papers are superior. Our Breathing Colour papers compare extremely favourably with other industry-leading papers. Please contact us if you would like additional information. Certificates and data-sheets are available for viewing.


Things to keep in mind when using our fine art papers:


Cotton Rag papers are an uncoated papers so they have very different looks and feels to traditional photo papers.
This is a great selling point for clients – but it is useful to have samples to show them in advance.


Credits: Clare Sophia Photography

Image credit: Clare Sophia Photography


  Credits: Clare Sophia Photography

Image credit: Clare Sophia Photography (Image on Right)

These are perfect for wedding receptions, ROMs, engagements, beautiful memories, newborn, studio shoots, travel photography, momentos, brides & grooms, akad nikah, tea ceremonies, mehendi ceremonies, henna ceremonies, family photos, vacations, gifts, presents, holiday photos, corporate listings, corporate tokens, portfolios, farewell books, baby photography, personalised books and many more!

Credits: Eck&Art Design

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​Why don’t you provide a price list for framing?
    Our framing is almost infinitely customisable. You can choose your print size, mat size, frame thickness and a range of customisations. This is very hard to represent in a standard price grid. If you require pricing for multiple options, please send us your specifications and we can generate custom pricing on demand.


  • Can you do multi-matted images?
    If you would like to include multiple-prints within one frame we can certainly help!
    We just ask that you lay out the individual prints as a single larger image at print size.
    Please space images to allow for the required amount of mat board.
    Please contact us if you require any assistance.


  • How do your prices compare to other framing suppliers?
    You can certainly find cheaper custom picture frames at places like Ikea. We also aren’t a replacement for traditional framers as we don’t provide things like ornate mouldings or hard wood backing. However, we believe our custom printing service is the perfect balance between competitive pricing, quality and customer-service.


  • What type of print is included with your framing?
    We use Breathing Colour fine art (Smooth or Textured) cotton rag papers and genuine Canon Lucia Pro pigment inks. Archival certificates and specifications are available on request.


  • How many moulding and mat board choices do you offer?
    We have hand-selected a selection of 4 colour moulds and 4 matboards. These were chosen based on feedback from more than 500 professional photographers. By limiting the range, we are able to offer you consistent quality and incredible turnaround time.