Keepsake Boxes

Encase Your Precious Prints In Linen-look Premium Packages



Precious memories should be encased in a protective box - and all the better if you can have this in a beautiful premium box, wrapped divinely with chiffon ribbons.

Each linen-look keepsake box comes with 25pcs of fine art prints (4R) and an acrylic cover, etched with your design or names. Our fine art prints are museum-grade, archival art paper that shows off your images in the best way.

Keep for your own or give it as a gift, either way it's a beautiful addition to everyone's homes!



The Keepsake Boxes use a linen-Look fabric which is a woven material to look and feel like real linen.

This man-made fabric is premium, durable, easy to maintain and is resistant to stretching. Its robust fabric webbing creates a supportive framework for album covers.

Choose from 5 colours of linen-look boxes, 3 colours for your chiffon ribbons and 2 designs for your genuine leather thumbdrive pouch.

Complete your keepsake box set with 25 of your images printed on 4R fine art prints. Opt to customise your leather thumbdrive pouch as well if you prefer!

Proudly handcrafted right here in our studio in Singapore, be sure to get real premium prints coupled with quality craftmanship.



We believe that having tangible prints is different from just looking at digital files. Those files stored away forever are rarely taken out to be looked at. This keepsake box package enables you to control that experience and keep a selection of printed images along with your digital storage device of choice, ready to relive those memories once more.

Prints are timeless and can be family heirlooms to be passed down for generations to come.


Credits: The Infinity Collective


Free Templates For Your Etched Acrylic



Credits: Kahying Gan Photography

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