Honeycomb Canvas - Handcrafted In Singapore

Fun hexagonal canvas prints


If you already got introduced to our canvas prints, you will love this new addition to the family. Unique hexagon canvas prints that will definitely be a showstopper on any wall. Comes in 5 sizes, this allows for multiple configurations and layouts.

Honeycomb Canvas Prints

What makes the hexagonal canvas prints unique is the ability to build a photo wall that resembles a honeycomb that can go in any direction. Fit it to any space of different sizes if needed - the honeycomb structure is flexible and you could design your canvas montage in various patterns.

Our canvas prints are one of most premium in Singapore and you can trust that quality and colours are top notch on our honeycomb canvas prints. We take the same advanced technology in printing and framing that we do for our regular canvases and transform them into hexagonal shapes.



We use only premium-quality canvas for your prints

Brilliant Prints has its canvas manufactured to our specifications in the United States of America.
It is completely different to many of the canvas products that are being produced in Asia and Eastern Europe.

The main differences are:

1. Our canvas has independent certification that it is archival for 100 years
2. It contains no optical brightners (OBAs) which make the canvas appear incredibly white, but which turn yellow over time
3. It is acid free meaning that the ink we apply is protected for a long time
4. It is much thicker than many of the cheaper canvas products being used by many of our competitors - similar to denim, rather than bed-sheets
5. It has had 99% of the seeds removed during the manufacturing process to ensure that your print is not spoiled by imperfections in the canvas
6. It has a very high dmax (maximum density) and appears bright white (without using OBAs)


Why should you get a Honeycomb Canvas Print?

It's fun and fresh - you could get any ol' canvas print but make it interesting by opting for the honeycomb shape without compromising on quality. Hexagonal canvas prints are also unique and will look great on a feature wall.





These are perfect for wedding receptions, ROMs, engagements, beautiful memories, newborn, studio shoots, travel photography, momentos, brides & grooms, akad nikah, tea ceremonies, mehendi ceremonies, henna ceremonies, family photos, vacations, gifts, presents, holiday photos, corporate listings, corporate tokens, portfolios, farewell books, baby photography, personalised books and many more!