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Why Are Our Canvas Prints Top In Singapore


Getting your photographs printed on canvas means your precious pictures will last forever – long-lasting artworks that perfectly capture your special memories.



What Is A Canvas Print?

Canvas Printing, or Giclee Printing (pronounced Zhee-Clay) is a process in which a picture of photograph is printed on a piece of high-quality canvas and then stretched around a hardwood frame. Canvas Prints feature in art galleries across the world.

The canvas we use is imported from North America. It is the same canvas which leading art-galleries use to display their pictures. It is the best canvas in the market because it is:

1.  Made of cotton blend to ensure a more consistent product
2.  Bright white in colour – this is perfect for showcasing brilliant hues and sharp definition.
3.  Water-resistant
4.  Archival rated to 75+ years
5.  Heavyweight (more like denim than the bed-sheet-like imitation which other print-makers use)
6.  More textured than most canvases on the market



Image Credits: Alex C

We use only premium-quality canvas for your prints

Brilliant Prints has its canvas manufactured to our specifications in the United States of America.
It is completely different to many of the canvas products that are being produced in Asia and Eastern Europe.

The main differences are:

1. Our canvas has independent certification that it is archival for 100 years
2. It contains no optical brightners (OBA's) which make the canvas appear incredibly white, but which turn yellow over time
3. It is acid free meaning that the ink we apply is protected for a long time
4. It is much thicker than many of the cheaper canvas products being used by many of our competitors - similar to denim, rather than bed-sheets
5. It has had 99% of the seeds removed during the manufacturing process to ensure that your print is not spoiled by imperfections in the canvas
6. It has a very high dmax (maximum density) and appears bright white (without using OBA's)


Why Should You Get A Canvas Print?

Some pictures and photographs are special.
They deserve to be highlighted and made to last forever. These moments in life make ideal candidates for canvas prints.

Imagine your wedding picture artistically rendered into a 42"x63" portrait.
Each sparkle in your eye captured in picture that will remain fresh for more than 75 years.
Your child’s first smile. Your prize-winning photograph. Your favourite holiday snap. Your family portrait.

Each of them can be brought to life for you to enjoy for a lifetime.
For this very reason, Canvas Prints also make unparalleled gifts for the people in your life.



What does Brilliant Prints offer?

At every step in the making of the Canvas Print, Brilliant Prints uses the best materials, processes and skills.


Printing - Our archival quality inks help create amazing canvases

Inks are perhaps the biggest differentiators between the product we create and the product manufactured by many of our competitors. As one of the greatest costs to a canvas printing business, inks are one area where many companies try to save money by using inferior, untested inks to create their canvas prints. 

Brilliant Prints is different in that we use only independently tested and certified inks that have been proven not to fade for between 75 and 200 years. Many canvas printers are using unsuitable printers and inks, some of which begin to change colour after only 12 months.

Using Genuine inks can also offer a wider colour gamut (range of colours the printer can create).


Colour prints

Our genuine Canon Lucia Pro pigment inks are capable of producing a very wide spectrum of colours, hues and shades. These inks have been tested by the Wilhelm Institute, and are guaranteed to remain vibrant for at least 75 years. 


Black and White Prints

Our 12-cartridge large format printers can print in pure grayscale that covers a wide range of b&w tones and density. This offers incredibly smooth tonal transition between highlights and shadows, and completely neutral B&W prints (no colour cast throughout the print).

Archival Quality

The canvas material we use is certified and independently tested to last 200 years without fading. The result really needs to be seen to be believed. 



Each of our canvas prints are sprayed with two coats of a protective laminate. This is an essential step that ensures your canvas print lasts as long as possible. The process involves spraying a sealing layer of the protective coating over the entire print.

The laminate we use is manufactured for us in USA and is polyurethane based. Many canvas printers use cheaper, acrylic based laminates that tend to crack and peel. Our laminate also contains ultra-violet blockers which are microscopic metal particle that reflect harmful UV rays. In fact, the laminate alone is rated to protect the print for 75 years (on top of the inherent archival qualities of the ink).

You will benefit from the antifungal components that are built into our laminate. These stop mould and mildew growing on your print, which is especially important in Singapore's tropical climate.

Our laminate is also scratch resistant, water resistant and boosts the colour in your canvas print. The finishing is called "satin" where it gives you a semi-matte finish.

A canvas print without laminate is like a car without paint. It will deteriorate quickly and result in a print that looks terrible.

All our canvas prints receive a coating of premium North-American laminate at no extra cost. Our specialized equipment ensures an even and smooth coating of laminate.

Lamination gives your print:


1.  Protection against dust, water and inquisitive fingers
2.  Excellent protection against fading – 75 years
3.  Anti-fungal compounds that restrict the growth of mould
4.  Anti-graffiti properties
5.  Protection from abrasion, bumps and scratches




Our canvas prints are created using hand-cut premium timber frames

Framing is one of the most essential components of a canvas print. Poor quality framing results in loose, floppy prints that do not sit flush against the wall. This is one area where you will notice the Brilliant Prints difference. 

We have our framing timber custom made to our exact specification. We simply could not find suitable quality framing timber off the shelf. Many competitors use cheaper pine for their frames. We have chosen to invest a little more and use first grade, kiln dried meranti. This timber is resistant to rot, uniform in texture, and has been used in fine joinery for decades.

You can see from the picture that the camber we have molded into our frames prevent the canvas from being damaged by the edge of the square frames used by many canvas printers. We also place a camber on the back of the framing timber to ensure that the staples and tape are recessed away from the wall. This means that your canvas print will sit much flatter against the wall.

The volumes of timber we purchase allows us to offer you superior quality frames for around the same cost as lower quality competitors using pine and other unsuitable timber.



Great quality framing gives your canvas print the stylish final touch. We pride ourselves on hand-crafting frames that are:

1.  Made of kiln-dried Meranti, the frames are made to last and look good as new for the life of the print – quite unlike the pine wood which other print companies use
2.  Resistant to twisting, warping and other defects.
3.  Uniform in appearance and sourced from renewable forests – so the timber is straight-grained and uniform.
4.  Finely Profiled - We profile both sides of the timber. This way your prints will sit perfectly flat against the wall and show no visible framing line on the front of the canvas.



All our canvas prints ship fully-finished

Even though you cannot see the back of the print once it is hanging on the wall, we take just as much pride in the finishing of the back of the print as we do with the front. After stretching, the excess canvas at the back of the print is carefully trimmed. 

Next, we use acid free, Australian made, framers tape to seal the join between the timber frame and the edge of the canvas. This protects against dust, and provides a visually pleasing finish.

Finally, we insert professional grade hooks and plastic coated, stainless steel wire to allow you to hang your print. This means that your print is ready to hang straight after completion. 



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