Lumi Tiles (Acrylic blocks)

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Lumi Tiles are an exciting and unique product - our photo acrylic blocks are proudly handcrafted in Singapore.
A Lumi Tile is your choice of photo set in a stylish, modern acrylic tile with high visual impact.

Lumi Tiles can help you capture images of special people and moments in your life and make a great custom-designed gift idea. The image appears to hover on the front of the tile.

Lumi Tiles make great gifts and are also popular as corporate gifts or tokens.

The 2 – 4 cm depth of the acrylic tile gives the image a luminescent, floating, three dimensional effect, and the tiles are freestanding, so no hanging is required. These photo acrylic blocks can be placed inside or outside under a covered area, and come in four sizes.

You select your preferred image/s, the orientation of your Lumi Tile (portrait or landscape), and whether you prefer vibrant full colour, stylish black and white, or romantic sepia.

Then our experienced team will create your personal Lumi Tile for you.
We can often enhance your image so that it'll have that extra pop.

Our customers have purchased Lumi Tiles for their rental property, for corporate gifts, for their desk at work and for interior design purposes. They’re compact and portable, which makes them perfect for travelling and as a gift for someone overseas. There is no minimum order required at all.

Please call us at 68422571 for even more information and helpful tips on ordering your Lumi Tiles.


10x10cm (4x4inch) 2cm thick (minimum 3 pcs)



20x15cm (8x6inch) 3cm thick



20x30cm (8x12inch) 3cm thick



30x30cm (12x12inch) 4 cm thick




What is a Lumi Tile?

A Lumi Tile is your choice of photo set in a stylish, modern acrylic tile. The depth of the acrylic tile gives the image a luminescent, floating, three dimensional effect, and the tiles are freestanding, so no hanging is required (ideal for rental properties). Lumi Tiles are perfect for corporate gifts, for a quality, distinctive gift for someone, for taking with you when you travel, for your desk at work, and for capturing those special people and moments in your life.

Why should I buy Lumi Tiles?

We are a specialist creator of acrylic photo tiles. We do all our work in-house and we take great pride in doing it well. Our product is unique to the Singaporean and Australian market, makes an excellent and personal gift idea and you can order from us risk-free because we offer you our incredible Lumi Tiles Guarantee.

Do you have a showroom I can visit?

Yes. You are welcome to visit us at 50 Genting Lane #06-05 Singapore 349558, to view our Lumi Tile samples and discuss your requirements with our experienced team. Simply drop us call us at 68422571 to make an appointment beforehand.

How many Lumi Tiles do I need to order?

No order is too small or too large. Please note that the Mini Lumi Tile is sold in a set of three. You can choose three separate images for your Mini Lumi Tile set, or request three of the same image.

How do I get my images to you?

It’s as simple as uploading your image/s onto our website. If you would like us to purchase an image for you through one of the online stock photography sites, instead of using your own images, please let us know.

What are your turnaround times?

Our turnaround time is approximately 3-4 working days upon confirmation of receipt of your images for almost all orders. If you genuinely require your Lumi Tile faster, please do let us know and we will work out something for you.

Will my Lumi Tile image fade over time?

No. We’re so confident about the quality and durability of our Lumi Tiles that in the unlikely event of your image fading, we offer a 30 year full replacement guarantee.

What happens if I receive my Lumi Tile and am not completely satisfied?

We ask that you simply return it to us at no cost to you. We will then either reprint it to your satisfaction, or cancel your order and not charge you a cent. The choice is yours.

These are perfect for wedding receptions, ROMs, engagements, beautiful memories, newborn, studio shoots, travel photography, momentos, brides & grooms, akad nikah, tea ceremonies, mehendi ceremonies, henna ceremonies, family photos, vacations, gifts, presents, holiday photos, corporate listings, corporate tokens, portfolios, farewell books, baby photography, personalised books and many more!


- Handcrafted In Singapore -

10 Reasons why over 2000 Professional Photographers choose us:

1.  Over 20 years of experience

2.  100% Money back guarantee on all products

3.  75 year full replacement warranty on all canvas prints

4.  No upfront payments required for any products

5.  50% discount for your initial studio samples

6.  Locally manufactured using the highest level of craftsmanship and world class archival materials in all products

7.  Full colour - managed workflow

8.  We can ship directly to your clients (without identifying details)

9.  We can manage limited edition prints and digital signatures

10.  Extend all warranties and guarantees to your clients


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